Resplandor Co-op LLC, was born in 2016 in the first institute of CCDS, as an idea of Liliana Avendaño and the accompaniment of Catalina Rojas who believed, from the first moment, that this wonderful project could generate a positive impact on both children and their families and therefore in the community. We were part of the CCDS ecosystem until December 2022, but are currently an independent cooperative.

Throughout the process of Resplandor we have had the opportunity to develop professionally, thanks to the support of Urban College, EEC, The Institute of Leadership and Innovation for early education of Ummas Boston and Guillermo Galindo. Different women joined in each cycle, some decided to retire or create their own projects, but in the end we were 8 owner members who had the blessing of God on March 30, 2023 to be a cooperative legally constituted as LLC in the state of Massachusetts, thanks to the work and support of attorney Carlos Teuscher, Director Legal Clinic of Suffolk University who assigned us students for each cycle and with Velinda Bolduc we were able to finish this process so that after so many years this important stage is a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has believed and continues to believe in our work. It is worth mentioning Union Capital Boston UCB, EBNHC, City of Boston, the office of Lidya Edward and the Office of Representative Adrian Madaro, Gloribel Rivas, UFE, Cloud, Pueblo, Archipelago among others. Today is one more step for Resplandor to open its doors. Thank you for your support, it is very important for us and for the community.

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