It is to be a leading bilingual cooperative educational center, working with excellence and efficiency in the cooperative teaching and learning process. Our work will promote the integral, intellectual, emotional and physical development of children, seeking to contribute with our work to the advancement of the cooperative movement and the solidarity economy of the Boston area and its surroundings.

Resplandor Educational Cooperative Center was born from the first cooperative training that the Cooperative Development and Solidarity Center carried out in June 2016 in East Boston. Liliana Avendano, one of the founding members, was the one who proposed the idea of creating a bilingual cooperative center. From there, the channeling of ideas and the formation of the cooperative began. Currently Resplandor, is in a process of internal training while offering its services externally to raise funds, its members are in the process of professional development, taking the necessary classes to obtain their certifications.


Provide early education services with Spanish immersion, through a qualified professional group of worker owners, respecting the culture and providing a safe environment based on cooperative values and principles.



Liliana Patricia Avendaño Roldan (Co-founder)

Catalina M Rojas Toro (Co-founder)

Irma Lemus

Carmen Elena Idarraga Correa

Diana Marcela Ruiz Marquez

Elisabeth Velásquez Morales

Denis Beatriz Bozón

Ivany Gisselle Lemus

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